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Astrology Houses

What are the Astrological Houses?

Imagine a large Blueberry Pie split into twelve segments. Imagine now that each segment has two separate food types that combine to make an overall enjoyable dish: one of the food types is the pastry, the casing, holding it all together, and the other is the luscious filling: the blueberry itself.

Just like the Blueberry Pie the Astrological Chart is split into twelve segments. The Ďpastryí of these segments is the twelve Zodiac signs. Where the planets are; which sign the planets are in and which signs are empty forms the basis of the daily or weekly Horoscopes. Planetary interactions are interpreted to offer general trends for that day or week.

Now here is the Blueberry filling. These segments (defined by each Zodiac sign) are also known as Houses and each segment or House represents a different key area of life.

What is your First House?

Well, that all depends on the exact time and place of your birth.

A personís First House doesnít depend at all on their Sun Sign. You might be an Aries, but your First House could be Libra. It could be Pisces. It could even be Aries. It all depends on your precise time and place of birth.

Once you have figured out the sign of your First House, it is easy to figure out the rest of the House signs, because the House signs always follow the same order as the Zodiac.

For example: if your First House is Gemini, then the second house will be Cancer; the third, Leo and so on.

If your first House is Libra; the second will be Scorpio; the third will be Sagittarius; and so on.

For the purpose of a personalized Birth Chart, where the planets are positioned and in which the planets are located House can make a tremendous difference to a personís reading.

However, for the purpose of reading the daily Horoscopes, it is more productive to focus on the planets within the Zodiac signs. Some references to Houses may crop up, but this is usually generalized into public life; personal life; money; or relationships.

Once you figure out your personal House positions, though, you can actually gain quite a lot from your daily Horoscopes.

For example, an Aries whose First House is Virgo, might do well to read Virgoís Horoscope too, to get a flavor of the more subtle forces at work.

Once youíve figured out your First House, itís easy to calculate your Romance-related Houses too. So if youíre an Aries, with your First House as Virgo, then your Fifth and Seventh Houses will be Capricorn and Pisces respectively. Knowing this can offer some great insights when it comes to matters of the heart!

The Individual Houses:

The First House
This House shapes your identity; this will, despite whatever your Sun Sign happens to be, influence your personality too.

The Second House
This is the money and resources House. Are you a saver? Do you splurge? Are you a hoarder? The reasons why are likely to be found in this House.

The Third House
This is the House of communication. It includes short trips; it influences your reactions to those around you and your reactions to your environment.

The Fourth House
This House governs domestic matters; the home; family relationships and can sometimes explain deep rooted tendencies or tensions.

The Fifth House
Romantic matters can be affected by this house, which also covers artistic tendencies; leisure time and creative drives. This is, if you like, your House of fun and games.

The Sixth House
This dictates your day-to-day routine. This House will either encourage or discourage, according to the planets in it, your health and fitness drives and your efficiency levels.

The Seventh House
This house is reflects the varying aspects of your personal and professional relationships. Marriage, unions, and bonds are included here, as are business partnerships.

The Eighth House
This represents important people in your life who arenít represented elsewhere. This House denotes support, backing, assistance and resources. (Or lack of it.)

The Ninth House
Educational and vocational courses are affected by this House. This is the House that either nudges you on into self-improvement or has you drifting into a rut.

The Tenth House
This affects your public front and how others see you. This isnít just restricted to work or your career, but quite often career aims are the main focus.

The Eleventh House
Your friends and platonic relationships are defined by this House. This also touches on your social interests; your likes and dislikes.

The Twelfth House
This is the last House and is sometimes referred to as the House of Secrets. This contains inner fears, doubts and uncertainties. It can offer closure to past matters, or open up a can of worms, all depending on which planets are in here.


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