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Horoscope Signs

What is a horoscope?

A horoscope is the forecast astrologers make based on a chart showing the relative positions of the stars and planets at a specific time. The word horoscope comes from the Greek word horoskopos, which literally means hour watcher.

What does a horoscope chart look like?

It's a wagon wheel divided into twelve parts, with symbols drawn in for the planets and stars.

Summary of Horoscope signs:

How are Horoscope Signs different?

Sun Sign Aries
Symbol the Ram
Ruling planet Mars
Element Fire
Quality Cardinal
Anatomy Head
Color Red
Gems- Ruby
Flower or Essences Tobacco

Sun Sign Taurus
Symbol the Bull
Ruling planet Venus
Element Earth
Quality Fixed
Anatomy Throat
Color Green
Gems- Topaz
Flower or Essences Flax

Sun Sign Gemini
Symbol the Twins
Ruling planet Mercury
Element Air
Quality Mutable
Anatomy Lungs
Color Light blue
Gems- Emerald
Flower or Essences Yarrow

Sun Sign Cancer
Symbol the Crab
Ruling planet the Moon
Element Water
Quality Cardinal
Anatomy Stomach
Color Silver
Gems- Pearl
Flower or Essences Water lily

Sun Sign Leo
Symbol the Lion
Ruling planet the Sun
Element Fire
Quality Fixed
Anatomy Heart
Color Yellow
Gems- Gold
Flower or Essences Daffodil

Sun Sign Virgo
Symbol the Virgin
Ruling planet Mercury
Element Earth
Quality Mutable
Anatomy Hands
Color Navy
Gems- Jasper
Flower or Essences Corn Flower

Sun Sign Libra
Symbol the Scales
Ruling planet Venus
Element Air
Quality Cardinal
Anatomy Kidneys
Color Pink
Gems- Opal
Flower or Essences Violets

Sun Sign Scorpio
Symbol the Scorpion
Ruling planet Mars/Pluto
Element Water
Quality Fixed
Anatomy Reproductive System
Color Dark Red
Gems- Bloodstone
Flower or Essences Wormwood

Sun Sign Sagittarius
Symbol the Archer
Ruling planet Jupiter
Element Fire
Quality Mutable
Anatomy Thighs and Hips
Color Purple
Gems- Turquoise
Flower or Essences Mallow

Sun Sign Capricorn
Symbol the Goat
Ruling planet Saturn
Element Earth
Quality Cardinal
Anatomy Knees
Color Black
Gems- Onyx
Flower or Essences Black Poppy

Sun Sign Aquarius
Symbol the Water Bearer
Ruling planet Uranus/Saturn
Element Air
Quality Fixed
Anatomy Circulatory System
Color Bright Blue
Gems- Sapphire
Flower or Essences Myrrh

Sun Sign Pisces
Symbol Two Fishes
Ruling planet Neptune/Jupiter
Element Water
Quality mutable
Anatomy Feet
Color Sea-Green
Gems- Amethyst
Flower or Essences Ferns


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