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What Are Zodiac Signs?

The zodiac signs are:

What are the qualities?

The twelve Zodiac signs are well known, but each sign is unique and individual, with its own qualities, strengths and flaws.

Aries: this is the baby of the Zodiac; this is the innovator; the inventor; the one who has the ideas but not necessarily the patience to see those ideas through. Aries has an engaging personality and is the one most likely to say; ‘I’ve got an idea;’ when everyone else has given up.

Taurus is the friendly, genial presence of the Zodiac; the host; the one who can really appreciate good food, good wine; good theatre; and so on. Taurus can have a relaxing, grounding effect on others, and is the one most likely to say; ‘let’s talk about it over dinner!’

Gemini has the gift of the gab and knows it. This sign could sell fresh air in the countryside and present the sale as an absolute bargain. Gemini is an opportunist who can make the most of any situation or turn a dismal situation round again. Gemini is the one to say; ‘I know how we can bypass this problem!’

Cancer cares and cares deeply. This sign is sometimes unfairly regarded as moody. Over-sensitive and very easily hurt are perhaps better descriptions. Cancer is loyal, loving and yes, sometimes a little high maintenance, but this is the sign who means it when they say; ‘I understand how you’re feeling!’

Leo is Leo! Extrovert, and fun to be around, Leo is like a best friend who can sometimes be thoughtless, but once they realize their error will make amends like no other sign. Leo is very proud and likes to be in charge though. It’s perhaps best not to tell a Leo what to do, or you may hear; ‘who asked your opinion?!’

Virgo is the proverbial dark horse. Beneath that very shy reserve is a deeply passionate and loving individual. They just don’t tend to give vent to those whirlwind feelings. It’s not always true that Virgo is obsessively tidy and critical too: when Virgo says; ‘let me help;’ it’s usually a sincere offer!

Libra is an endearing, scatterbrained kind of sign. The ‘indecisive’ label is perhaps unfair: it’s more accurate to say that Libra really means well and wants everyone to be happy, and this is how Libra sometimes ends up getting into a bit of a pickle, by trying too hard. What Libra will sometimes say is: ‘I’ve done it again, haven’t I?’

Scorpio is either your most loyal friend or an impassable brick wall in your way. This sign is a secretive, loyal, passionate sign, with long, long memories. Scorpio will only tell you what they want you to know, and when deliberately upset or thwarted you’re likely to hear Scorpio say: ‘I shall remember that!’

Sagittarius is the one who can liven up even the dullest party. This adventurous, energetic sign is perhaps not imbued with tons of sensitivity, and nor is this the most loyal of signs, but when they get it wrong, you can be sure that their heart is certainly in the right place. ‘It was a joke!’ is probably what you’ll hear most!

Capricorn is regarded as cold sign, but it’s more about being level-headed, cautious and canny than being calculating. Capricorn won’t leap into the unknown without knowing exactly what’s ahead and what to expect. Don’t underestimate Capricorn’s mental agility, either: ‘I know what you’re thinking;’ usually means just that!

Aquarius is a bit like a milder version of the young rebel who abhors conformity and tradition. Not that Aquarius has loads of staying power, because this sign tends to flit from one thing to the next in order to understand as much as possible. Their consuming curiosity is what drives them: ‘I want to know more!’

Pisces is perhaps the least understood sign. Like the planet, Neptune, Pisces is the dreamy poet who sees a little more than most, but who sometimes can’t quite explain those visions to the real world. This may be why Pisces is regarded as sensitive and emotional but detached at the same time: ‘Imagine that!’ could be their manta!


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